rise at dawn
the world as we know it has fallen. in 2034, the world was at war, and, as the words of old wise men would suggest, it tore itself apart. governments fell apart, armies disintegrated without orders and leaders... and out of the ashes rose the corporation, taking over control of what some might've called a last hope for survival and rebirth...

until they took full control in 2035. they own your cell towers, your electricity, your water, your everything. they are tyrants and dictators and they've been ruling with an iron fist.

out of the harsh conditions of life rose the resistance - fighters for the little guy, you might have once said. they fought their war in the shadows, waiting to reveal themselves at the right moment...

but that was five years ago and the resistance is in the shadows no more. it is 2040 and the resistance is more in shambles than ever before. unrest and mistrust festers and brews within the ranks as their two latest leaders struggle to keep their forces together and keep their shattered, broken ex-leaders and family members from falling apart away from the front lines.

victory over the corporation was so close once, but now it is more uncertain than ever... the only option left is to rise to meet the new dawn and hope you've picked the right side.

UPDATE 02 our reskin is complete and our summer reboot is officially here! if you haven't already, remember to update your profiles and avatars so everything looks pretty with our brand new skin and miniprofile! we also have a few other things announced and discussed in our SUMMER REBOOT announcement, so be sure to check it out!
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I regret to share that I have made the decision to shut down RAD as I currently don't have the time to dedicate to it that I should. I feel that we could definitely have made something amazing out of this and I'm hoping that after school starts and I settle in there, I'll have more time to work on this idea and make it into what it deserves to be. In the meantime, the board is offline and we will not be allowing new registrations. Current/previous members should still be able to log in and access the board to get anything they would like or even still write with each other, but at this time, no further admin activities will be performed until we have more time to dedicate into polishing off the ideas. We will likely move to a new web address and get an aesthetic update when we decide to give this another shot.

I would like to thank the few members we've had the luck and good fortunes to meet and write with; this place wouldn't have lasted as long without you. <3

Sincerely, McKenzie.

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